New stockist for South East London Postcard Series!

I’m excited to report that I have a new stockist for my South East London postcard series! I was over the moon when I approached gift shop owner Hannah, from Honeybourne’s in Ladywell, Lewisham, who happily agreed to stock all three of my designs!

Each postcard features my designs and illustrations, that celebrate the particular areas of Brockley, Forest Hill and Honor Oak .

Postcards in Honeybourne’s gift shop, Ladywell.

The Brockley postcard features an illustration of a Badger and Hilly Fields, with the stone circle. The text on the reverse reads “It is believed that the name ‘Brockley’ is either an Anglo Saxon term meaning ‘a place in a woodland clearing’, or is derived from the old English word ‘Broc’, meaning ‘badger’.”

Forest Hill is illustrated with a fox and a house style that is typical of the area. The text on the reverse reads “Ted Christmas was a popular builder, responsible for many of Forest Hill’s beautiful properties built in the early 1900s.”

Honor Oak shows an illustration of a squirrel and St Augustine’s church, which sits up on the hillside, amongst some ancient woods. The text on the reverse reads “Legend has it that the name Honor Oak derives from when Queen Elizabeth I ‘picnicked’ with Sir Richard Bulkeley under a local oak tree in 1602. Close by sits St. Augustine’s, with its distinctive turret.”

My stockists now are (cards stocked in brackets):
Honeybourne’s, 46 Ladywell Rd, SE13 7UZ @Honeybourne_s (Brockley, Forest Hill & Honor Oak)
Stag & Bow, 8 Dartmouth Rd, Forest Hill, SE23 3XU @stagandbow (Forest Hill)
Bunka, 4 Dartmouth Rd, Forest Hill, London SE23 3XU @bunkaforesthill (Forest Hill)

Go pick one up!