Say no to stuffy and serious!


Not all corporate literature to needs to be stuffy and serious! I’m often approached by companies who are looking for something different and in their words ‘more fun’! They may have a brochure or a leaflet for example, where they need to get their message across, but without customers being scared off by how serious their marketing looks.

Boffix are a good example of this request. They offer various business support services and have a lot of information they need to convey to potential customers, explaining the wide variety of business services they offer. They needed a brochure that could be shared digitally, clearly outlining their services, but without it coming across too formal. Using their existing branding (also designed by Pick Me! Design) the pages were laid out simply and clearly, with the occasional bespoke illustration or infographic added where we felt fit. The illustrations, branding and bold use of colour lifted the brochure, hopefully making it a more enjoyable read, rather than leaving some customers cold.

If you feel your corporate literature or marketing needs bit of a lift, what are you waiting for? Pick Me!