The Who Cares? Trust


The Who Cares? Trust are a charity focusing on children and young people in the UK living in care. They required a graphic designer and illustrator to design and illustrate a printer friendly letter template. This would be downloaded, printed and completed by youth with the assistance of their care worker. The project entitled ‘Hopes and dreams for 2016’ is to encourage children in care to contact their local MP and create awareness for the charity. The letter template consisted of three pages; the first two are instructions for the young person and their carer, as to how to complete the letter. The third page is decorated with a bespoke illustration, deliberately left black and white, so that it can be coloured in by the young person. The centre of the document is also left blank to enable the child to write their letter, using the symbol device that refers back to the instructions on the first page.

“Sarah really got that we wanted something fun, creative and within budget! She took the time to talk through the brief with me until we were on the same page, and was clear about costs and timescale from the off. Her communication was great throughout and I’m really pleased with what she came up with, it’s clear, engaging and fun! Highly recommended.”
Emma Price, The Who Cares? Trust Publications Manager, Islington, London